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Monday, November 9, 2015



A couple of years ago on my foreign news station, RT stated that Obama had put aside a million dollars to prosecute whistle blowers. He's gone after the major ones, NSA, Manning and WikiLeaks but it has gotten worse than that.

Today I heard on the news that when a person complains on a business that biked them, the business can sue the complainer for $500 and even $5,000. 'Rip Off' is one such place to complain. This is worse than censorship. It is downright Communist. And who created communism? Kark Marx (Jew). What are we not to criticize? Anything Jewish.

Jews act as though people don't like them because 'they are Jewish.' Ain't true. People never had liked the Jew, aka Zealot, because of their selfish, hateful and violent behavior. Yep, their behavior, which they WILL NOT change because it would not be Jewish. Without all their hate of anything not Jewish, they could turn out to be regular people (many say that isn't even possible) and they don't want that. It would deprive them of their wealth.

It took Jews (the Zealot Rabbis and Pharasees in Herod's Temple) almost 2,000 years to find a sucker like the United States to protect them. They have adopted our religion and made up the story of the holocaust so they could get sympathy and land from the U.S. They say their language is Hebrew when its Yiddish. They claimed Jerusalem as theirs even though those Zealots had Christ murdered. They say they had a kingdom in the Holy Land, which isn't true because there weren't 'jews' back then, only 'Judeans.' Jews have morphed 'Judeans' into 'Jude' and they had 'Jew' replace 'Judean' in the King James version of the Bible.  

The Hate Crime bill, this whistle blower crime and 'fine the victim thing' are all examples of Jews trying to protect themselves. I just watched 60 Minutes on November 9th and they compared Snowden, Bradley Manning and Aaron Alexis as ALL the same mentally ill people that had top secret clearances. Snowden and Manning exposed the lies in our government. Alexis murdered 12 of his coworkers at a Washington Navy yard. The ONLY thing they had in common was the clearances and this shows people that our government HATES anyone telling the public important government stuff they have the right to know anyway and compares it to a murderer.

When will Americans wake up and put a face on evil? When will they research it for themselves?

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