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Friday, July 10, 2015

Same as with Palestine....

Kerry has NO intention of striking an agreement with Iran. He has NO intention of lifting sanctions on Iran. He is NO different than the Oslo talks in the 90s. Madaline Albright, a Jew, had NO intention of striking peace with the Palestinians, the people who had land stolen for Israel.

Get real, people. The U.S. government is in solid with Israel and the Jews.  Iran...take your oil and sell it to nations other than the U.S.  You're not going to win this one and you are such a beautiful nation.


  1. Black Hole Sun...Won't You Come, Won't You Commmme...

    It looks like it's going to take nukes from Russia/China to bring America and Europe to some sense, Susan. Even though Russia and China are hog-tied financially to those same Jews that dominate the West, they harbor no love for Israel or any of us.

  2. Yes, and U.S. media fights to keep the hatred toward Israel and Jews out of the news. Those creepy 'cartoon' artists that got whacked didn't stop the Jews because Obama 'supports their right to free speech.' Well, you can't yell 'FIRE' in a crowded theater, so why allow incitement 'cartoons?'

    It is too sad that to get these Jews out of our government and media, Americans have to suffer. The only way to stop them is develop your own currency and banks...and that will hurt us. I say, do it because our government doesn't care about us anyway.