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Monday, February 16, 2015

A strong message...

Arabs, Muslims and any group being persecuted by Jews, listen up. There is obviously a systematic assassination of Jews in the media going on that are insulting people. Whoever these people are, they are not targeting non-Jews. At lease these people aren't targeting innocent people like so many other helpless (and under gunned) 'terrorists' do. ISIS being a good example of the wrong way to do something. They target Muslims and Christians, which leaves them out as to who is killing these 'cartoonists.'

Until 1948, when Palestinian land was GIVEN to Jews, the only protest incident I could find in the Middle was in 1929 when some Arabs told the Brits, “The Jews are getting too much power.” So, the Brits punished the Arabs! Eventually, the Israeli terrorists (led by Rahm Emanual's dad) got the Brits to leave.  Palestinians want their land back.  Why doesn't ISIS take that on?

All bombing incidents involving Muslims are primitive because no one is financially supporting them like the U.S. supports Israel. Although many people are saying that 9-11 “was an inside job,” they are still leaving out of the equation the control Israel/Jews have over our military, government and computer systems. We have very few good people left in our government. They can't survive. The 'inside job' is being orchestrated by Jewish Communists that are, in fact, anti-American.

So, the purging has begun. It remains to be seen if those 'cartoonists' and film makers get the message.

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