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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Charlie Manson's right to have sex

For every action, there is a reaction. When you are kind and thoughtful to a child and they know you love them, they excel. The message must be clear. Being wrong is not a bad thing but repeating the action is. Always love the child.

In Manson's case, all he needed was a catalyst for his bizarre behavior and that was the 60s Revolution and free love and down with the establishment. It is obvious that something went terribly wrong as a child but that's not an excuse for what he did. He got the message...kill rich and famous people. 'They' want him to.

Charlie is an excellent example of what Civil Rights and the 60s Revolution did to America and even after the murders, those in power would not connect the dots. Forcing desegregation on the people, forcing busing, affirmative action, bloating the welfare state combined with the violent and perverted movies (training films) and ignorant TV situation comedies (which only reinforced the Civil Rights movement), perverted and low-class music, violent video games ALL created a new 'class' in our society that would be dumb-ed down and susceptible to 'their' message. DOWN WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT. WE NEED CHANGE. A change from noble and moral?

Now Manson wants to marry a 27 year-old woman who isn't bad looking. I say, why not? Our 'new, changed' nation allows homosexuals to use the holy state of Matrimony to marry. Why not a criminal in prison? I remember when Clinton tried to get prisoners the right to vote so he would be reelected. What's the difference?

Since my readers don't seem to want to write to Congress and support the men that have our best interests at heart, why don't you all write to Corcoran State Prison in California's San Joaquin Valley where Manson is and 'fight' for his right to have conjugal visits with his new, pretty wife?

The organizations that destroyed our nation were run by people with Jewish last names. Robert Weissberg, a Jewish professor, proudly admitted that to me. Because of what they did during the 60s, in the name of blacks, and because they own all aspects of our media, people are afraid they'll do something wrong if they speak the truth...the emperor has no clothes. Manson now is the tip of the perverted ice berg and that must melt.

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