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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Diary of a City Cop

It is not easy being a city cop and especially being a female cop.  I have never had feminist feelings towards men.  I love real men and as a city cop, worked with the best.  I also worked with the worst.

During my 16 years with the Columbus Police Department in Columbus, Ohio, I met many good citizens.  In fact, sometimes the citizens had more morals and character than some of the officers I worked with.  But the bad officers were in the minority.  My police department has many good cops.  I am proud of my department.

Let's get back to the female thing.  During my career I was asked, in fact TOLD, to lie for the department to avoid a law suit.  I refused to do that because of my training.  My training taught us to do the job by the rules.  My training said 'Do it right.'  But later on, I found some supervisors that somehow felt the badge gave them authority and power they did not deserve.  Some supervisors and officers believed that choosing to put someone in jail "would teach them a lesson."  I would not lie or abuse my authority but at the same time, did not tell on them.

What happened to me was that in 2006 my sister and I put 9 videos up on YouTube about what we had found out about the destruction of America.  We had no idea there were others out there that had been saying the same thing for decades.  We were alone in our research and that research is as true today as it was then.  The problem was that the people we discovered were destroying America were Jews.  Jews run Columbus, Ohio and yet, we never thought that proving this in videos was a bad thing.  We wanted people to know what we had found out.  It was a revelation.

In the spring of 2007 I received a death threat.  See video at:  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=44c_1218318444

In that video, I read the threat received.  When I received the threat as a citizen, not a police officer, I contacted Homeland Security.  They told me to contact the Terrorism Tip Line.  I did.  When I say 'as a citizen' I mean that I never identified myself as a police officer, which was our only Rule requirement.

The same people I was exposing, Israel and the Jews, were the people sending the death threat.  Internal Affairs never made that connection or defended me.  Instead Lieutenant Fred Bowditch, of the Columbus Police Department and Homeland Security, took the tip and worked with Jewish organizations to expose me as 'anti-Semitic.'

I never identified myself as a police officer.....Homeland Security did.  This made no difference to those running the Columbus Police Department.  Lt. Bowditch told me, "Susan.  We investigate Hamas and Hezbollah...not the Mossad" who I believe were making the threats.  The Mossad is Israel's intelligence agency.

It only took a month in August of 2007 for a Jewish agency to contact Channel 10 television and expose me as 'an anti-Semitic cop.'  Those Jews wanted to make it a racist issue against blacks.  Our videos were never against American blacks.  In fact, after I was 'exposed,' black officers were the first to support me.

In Internal Affairs paperwork, they wrote humorously that I didn't even know the Terrorism Tip Line was the Columbus Police Department.  There it was...in writing.  Homeland Security worked against me and never investigated the threat.

Knowing my department would try and destroy me as they did my good black Sergeant, Terrance Wilson in 2000 (read Moral Cowards at Amazon.com) I decided to retire.  I had been in the retirement mode for over a year anyway.

So, while some people say 'all cops are bad,' they are mistaken.  The goods ones are in the majority but having one heck of a time doing their job right.  Many times good cops do what is right knowing if they 'were found out,' they would be in trouble.  Policing is upside down.

What I found out by 2006 was a drop in the bucket to what I found out about Israel and the Jews in September of 2007.  By their own actions, I found that Jews control everything.  They control the media, local government, advise the president and Israel is the heart of their evil.

For two weeks, my story was on national news throughout the United States.  People were writing to me that they 'thought Jews owned the media' and the tide began turning.  People were writing letters of support to Columbus media and calling in compliments about me to the Columbus Police Department.  Citizens of Columbus knew I was not a racist or anti-Semitic. 

My sister was on CNN September 6, 2007 and although Rick Sanchez tried to do a hatchet job on her, it backfired.  Even liberals in California detested Sanchez.  So what did the Jewish-run media do?  They decided to ignore us and not put our story in the news ever again. 

It is a sad situation that a police department would sacrifice good officers and detectives because Jews running local government tell them to.  But hey, they put the chief in office so why not?

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