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Saturday, October 29, 2011

We butchered the wrong pig

"Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. ...We butchered the wrong pig."
-Winston Churchill  (The Second World War - Bern, 1960)

Okay, okay here. When Americans find out that our society has deteriorated in the last 45 years and they find out that people with Jewish names have taken over our media and government...and those Americans conclude that since our society has deteriorated during the same time people with Jewish names have taken over...that THEY must be the reason....how come those investigators are labeled as “anti-Semitic?” by the very Jews that are the culprits?

This is a complicated question (and quite long) because it defines what is wrong with our Republic. Do we blame those that have taken over our nation in the last 45 years and caused it to deteriorate? Or do we become intimidated by the very culprits who did it because of 'names' they call us? Very strange question. One that our nation has never had to answer before....can our Republic be destroyed from within by Communism?

So, back in early 1917, those future Communists following Karl Marx's philosophy, began to form and unite to kill the Czar and his family in a most horrible way....and to take over the great nation of White Russia because it was being 'idealized' by fair-minded aristocrats (yet stupid liberal thinkers)...who set the stage for a Communist takeover?

Oh, the mind gets boggled. We have today, as of October 2011, people that are protesting the Jewish-run banking system. Now, while these people are maced and tear gassed and brutalized by 'American cops,' those same 'cops,' run by the United States of Israel, are saying any rebels in Syria are being 'terrorized' by their 'cops'.......gee, am I the ONLY person that sees a problem here? A double standard? Like it is OK for the U.S. to terrorize its citizens/protestors but NOT OK for a Middle Eastern nation like Libya or Syria to protect themselves from protestors? “Rebels” in Libya are called 'Islamic Extremists”...the very people our Homeland Security is fighting against...cough cough.

I am a bit confused here as most of your readers, whether of a Liberal or Conservative notion. A black woman named Patricia who gave her real name and the school district she worked for...saying the “Jewish bankers are the problem and they need to go”.....yet she looses her job??? Because she used her real name and was upset by what the Jews have done to our nation?

So the 'United States' was friends with Gaddafi...then hung him out to dry. So the 'US' was friends with Saddam and hung him out to dry. Don't you see a pattern here? The 'US' aka Israel, destroys nations....devalues their dollar...builds them up...and then financially benefits by the millions when their Dinar is revalued....oh, excuse me....I digress and I am being “anti-Semitic.”

Well, if that doesn't strike the fear of God within you...making sure you never say WHO is the bad guy because then can get you labeled “anti-Semitic” and just WHO is the bad guy?...nothing will.

All I am asking is for Americans to THINK. Do the research, do the thinking, do the correct conclusions. Do not listen to what I say...do the research yourselves....Please. And think about saving this Republic because it is worth it.


  1. Winston Churchill was the biggest Monday morning quarterback of the 20th century. He started his career off with a tactical error causing the loss of thousands of lives at Tripoli. Then after going to great lengths to point out the Tamudic wickedness at the heart of Russian Bolshevism in a London Times article he then pushed for a war against Germany alongside Stalin. Being a pig himself he knew plenty about the butcher's trade.

  2. WhoDares,
    I agree with you. Good strategy to accuse others of what you are guilty of, no?