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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just a Thought......

I listened to the below video about the Constitution and thought how insane our 'government' has become because of WHO is running it.  

On television Dec. 24, I heard some newsman say that 25% of all lung cancer victims are people that never smoked.  They said this must be 'because of some gene.'  LOL

So that means the other 75% don't have this gene?  lol

Then I thought about how persecuted smokers are by banishing them to the cold, snow and rain 'to keep people healthy.'   How kids are taught in school how creepy cigarette smoking is.

Homosexuals are the dominant group with AIDS and HIV.  Are they persecuted?  Are they banished to the far corners of society for their awful deed?  

Are obese people banished because they cause a severe strain on our 'health care' system?  Because these fat people develop diabetes, heart disease, circulation problems AND are loaded up with drugs so they can develop other diseases such as Lymphoma??

Listen to the judge:

Judge Andrew Napolitano on 'Health care' and the Constitution.

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