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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We are not skinheads....we are Americans

This confusing propaganda that ALWAYS equates anyone that speaks out about the Jewish media monopoly or Israel's human rights violations or the bogus holocaust story, must be a skinhead or a white supremacist. There is no in-between, which is where most Americans are. This is done to shut up those who have discovered the truth—that Jewish behavior has plagued the world since Christ was murdered.

It is a chilling discovery, that one group of people could do so much damage and control the United States. They do it with money and use propaganda that attacks our normal defenses. And they especially enjoy throwing out a skinhead story when the threat of exposure is close.

I am one of thousands of educated and kind people that have researched this Jewish subject and found out, first hand, how dangerous they can be. Some of us have found out about the hate from Jews themselves, as I did. A Jewish professor told me Jews did it all...Civil Rights, backing illegals, controlling government but not because he wanted me to know Jews did it, but to take credit for doing it. The professor said to me in 2010, “Blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them.” I bet the Ferguson, MO, blacks have a big 'thank you' for him. All the while, he writes derogatory and condescending books about how stupid blacks are. His name is Robert Weissberg and he is associated with the American Renaissance, which is anti-black and pro-Israel.

Even after Israel blatantly tried to sink the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 during the Six-Day War, they got away with it. They murdered our sailors, machine gunned the life boats and destroyed the ship...but it did not sink it because a Soviet Russian spy ship came by to see why no one was assisting the Liberty.  As the ship finally limped back to port, supervisors had the remaining crew members plug up the massive holes in the ship and paint it.

Do not fall for the fear tactics Jews use to shut you up. This is the time to stand up for your Republic. I think there is still a thread of hope.


  1. They are framing Europeans for their war crimes. While enacting in genocide against everyone else.

    1. Stepford,
      I think if we could get away from saying 'This is a European nation,' and support the forefathers that wanted to get AWAY from European blunders, we might fair better.

      Jews have made this a race issue and that is how they control us. Anyone older that 60 can tell you how we really did 'all get along' before the 60s Revolution. Now we have hate and violence in our nation because Jews take credit for Civil Rights, et al. And they are proud of it.

      If we take 'race' out of the argument and put in 'fair and equitable treatment,' then the best person would get the job or be elected.

      And, yes, what these Jews in control are doing is forgetting THEIR war crimes (King David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, 9-11) and saying Arabs did it. Why not? Jews run/own our media.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. I think you are right about so much, and wrong about the reality of it.

    1. Tsisageya,
      You sound like a good thinker. The world needs more people like you.

      To me, the reality of all this is that our nation has been communist since WWII. Didn't you find it strange that Stalin ran the show? Read Joseph McCarthy's book, 'Retreat from Victory.'

      And also, to me, the reality of it is that the U.S. doesn't have a chance against this Jewish onslaught. They hide behind 'racism' and lies about the 'holocaust.' Thanks to Karl Marx, bad Jews used his Communist Manifesto to take over Mother Russia in 1917. How can we fair better?

      What is your reality? Thank you for commenting.

  3. Humans have become such a disappointment. After all, if Jesus Christ is your hero, what else is there?

    1. Tsisageya,
      Know what I think? I think humans have ALWAYS been a disappointment. We just didn't know it before.

      Now that we are more enlightened about history and where to find the truth, we are (at least I am) finding out that most people love lies and don't do research. Even our courts are convicting by feelings....not research.

      As far as Jesus Christ, even HE couldn't get the Zealots out of Herod's Temple. Great men before us tried to fix the madness and failed. I sure hope we can.


    2. Good points, Susan. But I think Jesus knew that they'd destroy themselves in the end. Which they will.

      Flies feed on dead things. They don't feed on the living. He said "Wherever there is a carcass, there will the vultures gather. For all intents, the Temple was a carcass. The flies and vultures were doing what they naturally do, Jesus pointed that out just like someone might say "Yuck! Just look at these disgusting flies!"....

      The underpinnings of Western society is dead, the flies buzz continually. Only REVIVE- al (coming back from the dead) will make them go away. We can swat them, chase them, scream and yell....But if the stench of rot still rolls off us in waves, the Lord Of The Flies is King.

    3. Jimmy,
      Very good point...as long as there is rot, there are flies. I think, also, that as long as there is good, there will be evil.

      Christ knew that the Zealots, those Rabbis and Pharisees, were money-grubbing thieves. Same thing today. I would rather speak out against their lies than hide my head in a turtle shell.

      Many Americans don't realize (or want to acknowledge) one group of people, Jews, are doing all this damage to America. Never before have Jews had a big daddy like the U.S. When I name names, it isn't from hate--it is from love for my Republic.

      Soon the light bulb will come on.

  4. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to say kudos to you for being such an intelligent and brave woman. I actually just created my account so that I could Follow your Blogs.

    Having myself been on the OPPOSITE side of law-enforcement, lol (20 long years in the slammer), I find myself even more appreciative of your stand on the issues you care about. No, I was never a 'skinhead' or White-supremacist when I was on the inside. I am a White guy though. My years in prison, rather than being spent hating the cops, authorities, etc., I spent going through some serious soul-searching and education. I've been out of prison now for a little over 10 years, am happily married, making an honest living doing HVACR work, and I get along well with the County and City police in my town. I'm proud to say that I'm one of the people who DO wind up changing for the good in spite of and because of my severe downfall.

    I care a great deal about things that I never even considered before going to prison at 19 years old. I'm 48 now. As I aged and grew and matured over all those years, my perspective has widened beyond my own personal circumstances and selfish old nature. I love my wife, my father-in-law, my little Dachshund dog, Precious....and I also love my country. Not in the blind-patriotic way that many beer-guzzling, "Red Blooded 'Merican!" dumb-asses love the USA, which isn't love at all but rather moronic, media-induced, apathetic, mind-controlled "Hell yea!, Let's bomb Iraq and everyone else!" bull-crap. No, I love the PEOPLE...and the IDEALS that made us a once-great nation. Having said that, let me say that I also love the people of other nations. But I'm not stupid enough to think that bringing hundreds of thousands of those people from other nations over here to OUR nation is an extension of altruism or a sign of intelligence! And, having studied in many of the same areas that you have said you've studied, I know for a fact that the immigration-policies along with almost everything else that's DESTROYING my country have been designed and put in place, using stealth and evil cunning, by the self-appointed "chosen people of God". It's utterly sickening and so very frustrating, especially when you're someone like me, having been in prison for so long, to try to get people to see these facts without them coming back with "Your time in prison made you a racist and anti-Semite! You're not a changed man, you're just another hateful ex-con and ought to be locked back up!" Can you understand this? So---I mostly stay silent and depressed and frustrated. It's a battle to keep anger from eating away at what's left of me and turning bitter. I survived 20 long years without becoming institutionalized, without turning into a sociopathic animal.....Little did I know that prison was just THE BEGINNING of my growing pains.

    Pray for me, Susan, and I'll pray for you too...and our nation. I know that God is who He says He is, that He will accomplish His Will. I try to have faith, and I usually stay pretty optimistic. But I'd be a liar if I said I don't feel some fear. I mostly fear for my wife. She's a type-1 diabetic. If things deteriorate much more because of this DISEASE that has taken over our country, these "chosen ones" decide to bring the sky down on all our heads (which seems to be fast coming, no?), I worry that I might not be able to get insulin for my darling, that she'll die after going into a coma. This fear is almost paralyzing. My only hope is that, since she's a God-loving Christian woman, He will either protect her supernaturally or guide the nuke directly over our house...

    Sorry for the book, Blessings sister, and much love. I'll be around. -------Jimmy

  5. Jimmy,
    I am SO impressed with what you wrote!! It is reassuring to know you are out there.

    I was in law enforcement for 16 years and became disgusted with what it has become. Crime DOES pay and the government isn't about to make it stop.

    You are such a good, intelligent person that didn't let prison destroy you. You did good and I want you and your family to do well. I hope your wife is eating good foods. Food is medicine.

    As far as 'God,' hummmm. I was raised in the Old Roman Latin Catholic Church. It was destroyed by Vatican II in 1963. I don't go there anymore. It makes me cry. Today, I believe that 'God' is the power and strenght that unites all of us. If we are bad, God is bad. There is tremendous power when we unite for the good.

    To me, this idea doesn't lessen one bit what we learned in Catholic school.

    I know the power of prayer. Let's ALL pray that the pendulum starts swinging to the positive again. And like you, that we all try and do good.

    Thank you for your wonderful words!! Everyone should read what you said.

  6. Thank you, dear, for your kind and encouraging words. You're awesome, beautiful, intelligent and strong.

    That's terrible about your church being destroyed back then, though not surprising of course. And just because we may somewhat differ on thoughts about what or who God is, etc., doesn't take away from our mission to spread some truth. I actually was a member of Siddha Yoga (SYDA Foundation) for a number of years----13. I learned a lot about some of the more subtle areas of consciousness and the mind, and am thankful for the experience. Then, after I'd went through their prisoner Correspondence Course, I began a 4-year-long study into 'esoteric-Christianity' with the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. I read Heindel's 'The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception' cover-to-cover, a few times actually, and still have a .pdf copy on my computer. But not because I'm a believer. I keep it and occasionally refer to parts of it in order to help me to understand some of the mental 'seeds' that are behind what many refer to as 'the Illuminati' or the 'New World Order' agenda.... Rosicrucians espouse pretty much the exact same things that Masons and the other so-called secret societies teach: Order from Chaos. Or breaking a bunch of eggs so that they can make an omelet. Or using war and horror to achieve what they consider 'peace' and Universal Brotherhood. Of course that version of 'peace' includes not only 'evolving' our planet and people through taking us all into hell-on-earth, but also includes eugenics and population control. People can call me a 'conspiracy-theorist' all they want, but I know what I know, having been on the inside of one of the most influential occult societies on earth...and I tell you flat-out that what people call 'the devil' is 100% real. Lucifer. And if Lucifer is real, you'd better believe that the Most High is real. You have a good point in thinking that human beings themselves manifest either good (God) or evil (the devil), and I agree with you in a very deep way about that. But the nature of the world, reality, the universe isn't entirely subjective: there IS the "other", the objective side of the coin, manifestations that don't come from within you. I know that sounds like so much superstition and mysticism, but it's very true. In one way everything that is real is but an out-pouring from within us (not just human beings, but from all things, like the Force in Star Wars), be they evil things or good things, all from within, subjective. But in another equally true way, everything that is real has an objective nature as well, an "other than me" quality....including such realities as good and evil.
    To make a long story not so long, let's just say that there are very powerful people who do indeed use very real sorcery and 'magic' to influence others and shape what we call the world, this matrix we're all a part of. Twisted, evil magic. They use our own LUST against us, just like the serpent did in the allegory of the Garden. And these sorcerers bring death. The Talmudic Jews who are controlling finance, politics and media in the West are but one visible sub-group, Zionist Israel its "Vatican" if you will. Yes, pure evil, without question.
    It may be hard for you to consider that what I'm disclosing here can be true, considering that I was locked-up for 20 years of my adult life, but being "locked up" is a matter of perspective. I don't consider that I was locked up; I consider my time spent in prison as much the same situation as that of a hermit who leaves the rat-race for a time in order to seek insight. It's all in how you look at it, Susan. I'm just grateful to God that He protected me, set things in motion for my betterment, and brought me out in one piece.

    Much love, my friend. Thank you again for your kind words. ---jimmy

    1. Jimmy,
      What I like about you is that you understand every person does not have to say 'it' the exact same way. You can harvest the truth in what is said and recognize it and not judge them. You just listen.

      Now that we realize the rot that was incubated in Herod's Temple and the hate that group has for everyone else, we must point this out to Americans. Very simply.

      And I understand that a group that was dissed by Christ and kicked out by the Romans and maybe 90 other nations, can't be the happiest group. They are like Manic Depressives that had a bad, sad childhood and never developed the correct axiom and neurons connections and can't think like happy people. They are psychopaths (read 'Power Freaks') that think from their primitive brain...no feelings, egotistical, mean.

      'Power Freaks' was written by a guy named Weiner. I think he's Jewish. His book describes perfectly how a psychopath operates but in the end, his solution is to 'act like you like them or leave your job.' Hummmm

      In my opinion, you can't 'cure' psychopaths because they don't have the capacity to understand what we are saying. We must get them out of our media and government. I think if we emphasize the BEHAVIOR, we might get some where.

      Good talking to ya.

  7. Sorry for coming on so strong and writing such wordy responses, Susan. I get carried away. I don't mean to come off preachy either, so I'll tone it down.

    1. Jimmy,
      You hardly come off 'preachy.' I'm just glad you commented in here.