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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I read a book a few years ago, probably 1991, entitled, Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury.  I reread it again a few weeks ago (2015) and found something on page 27 that I hadn't noticed before because I was not fully aware of the situation in the Middle East at that time.  9-11 hadn't even happened.

One of the strategies is called 'Look for opportunities to act inconsistently with their perceptions.'  It stated, "Perhaps the best way to change their perceptions is to send them a message different from what they expect.  The visit of Egypt's President Sadat to Jerusalem in November 1977 provides an outstanding example of such an action.  The Israelis saw Sadat and Egypt as their enemy, the man and country that launched a surprise attack on them four years before.  To alter that perception, to help persuade the Israelis that he too desired peace, Sadat flew to the capital of his enemies, a disputed capital which not even the United States, Israel's best friend, had recognized.  Instead of acting as the enemy, Sadat acted as a partner.  Without this dramatic move, it is hard to imagine the signing of an Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty."

Jews weren't given Egyptian land; they were given Palestinian land and Israel isn't about to 'friend' them.  Yes, Israeli terrorists as far back as 1948, had been trying to get the U.S. to make war with Egypt by blaming them for bombings.  Egypt has a 'right' to not trust them.  Jews got what they wanted:  Land that included Jerusalem and cemented them into a credible religious place.  So, why war with Egypt? 

Israel doesn't much care about Egypt when they have Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Qatar and Turkey to do their dirty work.  Obama even sent those five terrorists he traded for the American soldier that was held for five years, to Qatar.  

Israel is also happy that the U.S. is losing thousands of young American men to death and mutilation by fighting their wars for them against Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Iran.  There are Jews controlling the U.S. media and enough in government to control that too.

How are you going to negotiate getting invaders off your land?  You can't.  You have to destroy the enemy...Israel.  The humane way is for the U.S. to STOP FUNDING ISRAEL AND FIGHTING THEIR WARS FOR THEM.  The best way is to do what the U.S. is doing to other innocent nations--punish 'human rights violators'.  Go into Israel like they did Iraq, and destroy their buildings, kill their women, men and children and put them on their knees.  

But instead the U.S. states that Putin is a 'human rights violator.'  Wow. 

Israel is the destroyer and the cause of all the misery in the world.   And they fuel their hate of everyone else through ISIS and their provocative and hateful Muslim 'cartoons'

When is our 'leadership' going to wake up and do the right thing, as Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher, REALLY said?


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