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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Well, truthfully, I don't know. I got a rise out of one guy that was complaining about cats roaming the neighborhood and that they should be killed. I've gotten scripture information and additions to a biblical story that I left out. I did get one intelligent comment once.

I have had over ten thousand views and very few comments. I'm sure Homeland Security is reading them but they don't even comment or bait me. Probably CIA or FBI agents read some and maybe some media people. Perhaps police from Columbus, Ohio.

It seems I am not reaching the people that can fix this Republic. I am not reaching anyone with credibility or influence or enthusiasm. No one has commented to me that they wrote ten letters to Congress or went to a local government meeting or commission meeting. I assume they are doing nothing.

I don't think my viewers are interested in facts. I think they would like stories about how bad some blacks are and how abused white people are. They want anything sensational because our Jewish-run media has taught them that truth is boring. My readers want excitement. They want to be entertained.

That ain't gonna happen. What you will get from me is well-researched truth and encouragement to DO SOMETHING. Remember in the movie 'Planes, trains and automobiles' when John Candy and Steve Martin were on a Grey Hound bus and Steve sang a beautiful song and the people on the bus just stared? Then Candy sang The Flintstones song and they all joined in? Well, that is what its like to write a blog with no responses...just blank stares.

Comment to me about who you are and what you think about. Let me know that there is a person behind one of those ten thousand views. I think blogs don't work very well because most people can't reason and certainly don't care about our Republic. I see better solutions from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Russia and Egypt than from people in the U.S.

I wrote to our 'president' and told him that to solve ISIS in Syria, send Syria money and weapons so they can fight them. They will do a better job than we can. They understand those people. But we all know he won't do that because he wants Syria to fall. What a bad joke played on so many innocents in the Middle East.

I guess what bothers me more than anything is the effort many Americans put into getting the truth out and trying to save our nation and that when that happens, all the worthless idiots that make up most of the population will benefit too. I believe in The Little Red Hen story. Those that did nothing should get nothing.

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