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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lutheran is a religion. Jew is a race. What if a candidate put 'Caucasian' after their name?

I accidentally found out in 2000 that the destruction of our Republic was caused by Jews. A Jewish professor, Robert Weissberg, told me and he sent me a paper he wrote to confirm that. Now, I thought for ten years that he told me that so that I would know Jews did Civil Rights and not white politicians, as I thought for 40 years. I was wrong. He told me in 2010 that the reason he writes degrading books about how stupid blacks are is “because blacks don't appreciate what Jews have done for them.”

And what did Jews do for the American blacks? Desegregation and Civil Rights caused crime in American to go from white, mainly non-violent crime, to black violent crime. Blacks now commit more crime than white people do. I entered those records at the Columbus Police Department covering from about 1930 on and the change happened in the 70s, after Civil Rights.

Now, I don't know about you but to me, facts don't lie...people do. Jews tore down the black community, their culture and their self esteem and replaced it with ghetto music, Buckwheat lingo, babies without fathers and sub-standard education. Busing and bloating the welfare state accomplished most of this damage. The Gheto music and violent, subversive movies were training films. Remember 'Murphy Brown' or 'The Warriors' or even 'West Side Story'?

Let's get to the nuts and bolts of the problem. Because people with Jewish last names caused and are causing the destruction of our nation, we can't say they are Jews because that would be 'racist.' The very 'standards' Jews instituted for blacks were really for THEM. We are not allowed to say, 'Jews own all of our media and advise our president' because that means Jews are the enemy of our nation and that's 'anti-semitic.' Na-ne-na-ne-boo-boo. If Jews running our media, government and banking industries had improved what we already had, we would not be saying these things. We would be praising them. But we are not praising them.

If you are in a position of credibility or power and you say that Israel is not our friend and we should not be supporting them, you will loose your job or have your career ruined. It has happened over and over. Look at Representative Paul Findley of Illinois, William Dudley Pelley, Trevor LaBonte, Senator Joseph McCarthy, Cynthia McKinney and even myself. All we did was find out how destructive and perverted Jews are and that they have wormed their way into the hearts of Catholics and Christians who KNOW Jews, aka Zealots of Christ's time, were responsible for Christ's death. These Christians who love Israel and the Jews have a scared look when you ask them that as if just saying 'Jew' is a sin.

William Pelley questions all this in the above link. Henry Ford put pamphlets in the glove compartment of his cars about these destructive Jews. Joseph McCarthy wrote America's Retreat from Victory about the communists (aka Jews) in our Federal Government and how General Marshall and Dean Acheson GAVE ammo to the REDS to defeat the free Republic of China, North Korea, Formosa and Manchuria. Yes, we have tons of communists in our government that are Jewish but we can't say that because people will think that is 'racist.'

Why not question the other side of the coin? Why not ask why our nation has deteriorated in the last 40 years and why Jews are in key positions of power now making Americans do all sorts of silly things like put up Holocaust Memorials on the state house lawn and punish Holocaust deniers? The 'other side' can't even get their research out. In California this year, a teacher wanted debate on “whether or not you believe the Holocaust was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain.” The teacher was not allowed to debate that! There is no 'debate.' The district spokesman states, “There is no doubt the Holocaust was one of the most horrific, traumatic time-pieces in our history.” How would these 8th graders KNOW that? They weren't allowed to research it! But Jews 'say' it was real just like the dozens of books written by Jews about the holocaust that were proven to be untrue. When confronted, Jews say, “Well, it should have been that way.” Well, SHOULD is a lie.
When it is local election time, political candidates are written about and if they are Jews they put that after their name. Other candidates put things like 'Lutheran' after their name. Now, Lutheran is a religion. Jew is a race. What if a candidate put 'Caucasian' after their name?

And not only did Jews use the American blacks for their own selfish cause, but they put in place the Hate Crime Bill in 2009 to make sure we could not identify the bad Jews. You identify one bad Jew, you evidently identify ALL Jews. You would hurt their collective, psychopathic feelings. When congressmen received death threats because they passed this Bill, it was only Eric Cantor, a Jew, who was offended “as a Jew.” And in politics, Congressman Nadler and Roskam, both Jewish, introduced a “resolution condemning growing anti-semitism abroad.” Roskam stated, “As Jews, we have a special obligation to join the fight for CIR in the House.” CIR is Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Obligation? Why? People don't hate minorities. People dislike criminal behavior and illegals are committing a crime. Jews want to fight for that? Weissberg said they fight for illegals because Jews are afraid of being kicked out...again.

Jews were given Palestinian land in 1948 NOT by the land owners but by Truman, the U.N. and Britain. And that's when the fighting began. Big Bad Uncle Sam is standing behind the poor, misunderstood, demonizing Jew at every step. When Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, RACE was the issue, not the fact Brown seriously out weighted Wilson or that Brown fought with the officer. We were told in the academy that if an unarmed person fights with you, both of you have a gun...the policeman's.

And what did Obama say about this incident? He said that police need more training. He did not say anything about Brown's aggressive behavior or about the behavior of many blacks that looted and protested. This would have been a good chance for Obama to tell the truth that what these blacks did...their behavior...was anti-American. But Obama does not want the violence to stop. Crime pays.

It is the BEHAVIOR of those Jewish people that offends me. They have been kicked out of at least 90 nations because of this behavior. They refuse to assimilate. They must remain Jews in thought and deed. This is the first time in all of history that Jews have found a willing backer for their devious behavior—the U.S. government, which is largely controlled by Jews and their lobbies.

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  1. Thank you very much for commenting on sections of the Bible.