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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Rights of the Englishman

Does any American out there know what the Rights of the Englishman are? Do you also know that these Rights are what our Constitution is based upon? Let me refresh your memory.

There will be no Ex Post Facto. In other words, if a law is passed today that describes something you did yesterday, you cannot be convicted of the crime today.

Trial by jury. Our judicial system is leaning toward Tribunals that do not allow evidence or witnesses.

Habeas Corpus. This means you cannot be incarcerated without being charged with a crime. So your jailer is in error.

Security in one's home. Wellington, Kansas, just passed a law telling homeowners how many cats they can have in their home.

Equality under the law. Our Supreme Court can't define the fair and equitable treatment Amendments. How can anyone else?

Can vote or approve taxes. Since when do 'the people' approve taxes?

Since the Rights of the Englishman are gone, so is our Constitution. Our laws have become convoluted in the last 40 years. They have been altered for the benefit of a certain ruling group, not for the people. This ruling group is responsible for Civil Rights, busing, a bloated welfare state, quotas, outsourcing of jobs, insourcing of foreigners, loss of our industries, the hate crime bill, socialized medicine and violent movies/music-/video games and idiotic television situation 'comedies.' Childrens' movies are now rated PG for sexual content and have politically correct messages in the dialogue. Our adults and children are drugged into submissiveness.

The only way to get our Republic back is for a mass awakening to the fact we've all but lost it. And I believe the only way to wake people up is to get back the control of our American media.

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