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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jewish movie maker actually tells us the truth in this Poo Little Jew story

I just read an article by Edward Pmytryk about one Jewish movie-maker's story of his struggle to continue to make movies after being banned by the Senator Joseph McCarthy's The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) in the early 1950s.

As we all know, Joseph McCarthy rid our Federal government of at least 40 “Jewish Soviet Spies.” In paperwork translated in the early 1980s, it was confirmed with actual Soviet spy documents that every person McCarthy identified as a “Jewish Soviet Spy” was in fact a Jewish Soviet spy.

The 200 or so Communists movie makers that he could not quite get, he banned from making movies until about 1965. That is when the Sixties Revolution began. This article is about one that was banned, Jules Dassin. He would not deny he was a Communist. Even after moving to Europe and about 40 years of being blacklisted in America, the U.S. State Department softened and told him he could move back if he would 'renounce his radical ways,' Dassin still said that he would not.

While in France he was blacklisted and his American citizenship was renounced. He could not leave France so he continued trying to produce a great movie that no one could resist. He finally produced one named 'Rififi' but the U.S. would not show it until some small distributor in New York showed it in 2000. It got 'rave reviews.'

Ethan writes, “Dassin may have been a pinko, but the box office had spoken.” THE BOX OFFICE HAS SPOKEN. Americans sold their souls to the media. They have been captured by Communists who produce movies that influence revolt, hatred of Germans and Arabs, violence, immorality and especially protection for the Jews.

Although this article was written to influence people into thinking this was a story about a man wronged and his struggle to just keep producing films, it actually confirms that Joseph McCarthy was right.  It is pure propaganda.

Every Communist idea that is incorporated into American society takes us one step closer to Communism. And these Communist Jews are relentlessly introducing them into our society at an insane pace. We aren't quite there yet but unless Americans wake up to what McCarthy and JFK were trying to do—save this nation from Communism—the gate will close and no one will be able to fix it.


  1. Ever since they stole Thomas Edison's invention and got kicked out of NY, they've perverted anything ever seen on the big screen. Just look up the history of the word, "Nickelodeon"
    In the summer of 1909 the independent movement was in full-swing, with "outlaw" producers and theater owners using illegal equipment and imported film stock to create their own underground market. As the independent outlaws flourished, the Motion Picture Patents Company was also hit with antitrust charges by the United States government. In October 1915, the courts determined that the Patents Company and its General Film division acted as a monopoly in restraint of trade, and later ordered it disintegrated. But clearly by the time the decision was handed down, the independents had already outmaneuvered the Trust. The Edison monopoly had taken a retrogressive stance to the innovative industry reforms introduced by the "outlaws".

  2. xMax,
    Thank you for the information! You have given me an idea, although just as with the "retrogressive stance," it might not stay in place.

    My idea is to break up the monopoly the Jews have on our media, so maybe we need to write to "the United States government." Any suggestions on which branch?