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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Israel IS 'Hitler'

It is ironic that what the Jews, and embarrassingly most of the world, have condemned Hitler for is exactly what the leaders of Israel are doing! And no one in the world can stop them.

Hitler resurrected a beaten-down Germany from the ashes of World War One and the Treaty of Versailles, which put harsh sanctions on Germany. He wanted true Germans back under the nation of Germany and land for his people. Many Germans had been cut off because of previous wars. They were in Austria and Poland. His first attempts to unify the German people were bloodless and successful. Poland became the problem and made it war.

Hitler rose to power in Germany legally. He followed the laws. Israel was created in 1948 by Truman, the U.N. and Britain, although the process to give Palestinian land to Jews had been in the works for a long time.

No one 'tried to unify the Jewish people back to their homeland' because they had no land. Hitler did! So Jews whined, did little favors for unscrupulous leaders and boo-hooed about deserving a state until Truman, the U.N. and the U.S. gave in. 'What harm could THAT do?' Even though Jews were given land next to Russia and were thinking about a place in Africa (South Africa?), they always had their sites set on Jerusalem and the rest of the Middle East. How could American leaders be so stupid?

Once the Jews got that stolen land and after the Six Day War of 1967, Israelis began stealing more land, bombing Lebanon (2006) and Syria (2008), violating Palestinian human rights, killing them, enclosing them with a Wall and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his predecessors, blatantly told the whole world that they want all land that they consider belonging to Israel.

But 'Israel' never had any land before. They had a neighborhood that was owned by Romans that Jews say 'was stolen from them.' The Jews in Christ's time were not Jews but Citizens of Judea, as was anyone living there. Pharisees were in charge of the brood and Christ's objections were with them. Today's Jews are changing history by saying 'Jews had land before,' that 'Israel has existed from Christ's time' and that they 'have the right to own Jerusalem and make it the capital of Israel.' So much for the Oslo Talks. If there is a God, He should be plenty ticked off by now.

Whenever Israel wants some land, such as Iraq, Lybia, Syria or Iran, the U.S. imposes harsh sanctions on that nation, weakening the people and their society. And Jews want non-communist land! Since the takeover of Russia in 1917, they always have!! That's because communism is Jewish. The 'How To book on communism' was written by Karl Marx. And don't forget, before the Bolsheviks (Jews) took over Russia, Russia was fighting a war against Germany.

Makes one think that perhaps Hitler's invasion of Russia (the USSR, by then) was against communism.

Hitler wanted his people back in Germany, which was Prussia before, but it was always THERE. Back in the 1600s, most Jews were in Turkey and some in China. Why didn't the Jews steal Turkey?

Jews accuse Hitler of murdering millions of Jews during WWII, although Jews in the 50s said 'Hitler killed thousands of Jews.' Yet, Israeli soldiers have killed thousands of Palestinians and displaced and imprisoned even more.

Hitler 'starved' those in the concentration camps during WWII. Israel has thousands of Palestinians and Christians imprisoned behind a Jewish Wall, cut off from family and church, starving and living miserable lives.

U.S. Newspapers would have nothing to do with printing anything Hitler asked before WWII but U.S. Newspapers today 'Love Israel.' Hitler wanted Germans to live in Germany. Israel wants only Jews to live in Israel.  Germany can be multi-cultural but not Israel.

No nation helped the anti-communist Hitler or Mussolini or Franco but Israel, doing the same things Hitler was accused of, is rewarded with $20-30 Billion Dollars a year (a grant), supplies sophisticated military equipment and the U.S. fights their trillion-dollar wars for Israel in the Middle East and kills even MORE innocent people—not Jews.

Israel's ComVerse and AmDocs and other secret groups are given sensitive information to store about our people and our government....and they make millions doing that. Germany is still paying Israel money and there is no end in site. Only Finland paid the U.S. back after WWII.

I could go on and on about how evil Israel is and how they are breaking every rule THEY said Hitler did but the fact is that Israel must be stopped. The U.S. must stop supporting Israel with billions, stop fighting their illegal wars, sanction Israel for human rights violations and get the heck out of the Middle East....it is not our war. It is an ancient war that will never be resolved using common sense or logic.

It is my opinion that all the lies Jews made up about Hitler were 'thoughts' in the Jewish mind and they are today following their own lies as a blueprint to take over the Middle East....all of it.