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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Evil of Two Lessors

U.S. media, run by people with Jewish last names, has continued its death grip on Americans by again making them believe they only have two people to vote for as president. 

Before 1979, when government was small and The People still had a voice, Americans were surrounded by a pro-America, anti-communist mentality.  At that time, we thought ALL Americans shared this common sense.  But looking at most Americans today that are too cowardly to stand up for our Republic and its values, I must venture to say Americans haven't changed...just the country in which they live.

In other words, the cowards and apathetic people we have today that believe we only have two candidates to vote for are the same ones that lived 40 years ago.  These people can live under a Republic as comfortably as they can live under communism and not notice the difference.

The Great American Experiment is done.  Our belief in fairness and work are gone, washed away by the propaganda spewed out everyday in the media and the food stamps now given out freely.  Our thoughts have been altered through television, newspapers, magazines, movies, music and government freebies. The Jewish-run media and government have finally succeeded---they have given moral cowards the right not to think at all.

Those of us that realize what happened to America try to speak, but silenced and made fun of by a taunting media.   At the same time our young men are dying in wars fought for Israel that caused our national debt to skyrocket into the trillions of dollars and ruin our economy, the present president is fighting to give anyone illegal in this nation all of our jobs, protection and health insurance.  Evil and perversion have gotten the upper hand.

Ron Paul's polls were high, yet 'the media' did not report that.  'The media' would not even show a picture of Ron Paul or play his speeches on television.  Oh sure, Americans noticed but 'the media' has a death grip on their minds, so they soon forgot it.

Where else in the world can we form another 'more perfect union?'  No where.

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