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Saturday, September 19, 2015

TRUMP in 'hot water' with both parties over gaffe 'he didn't say.'

We know from past experience with politics that if they don't like someone, that person is OK. Those in politics shielded us from Ron Paul, even though his points were high. They merely did not mention these stats and didn't include him in pictures. They can't do that with Trump.

We have two deteriorating problems in America: The economy and society. I know Trump can fix the economy and its gonna' make a lot of Liberals angry. They don't want it fixed. After he sets American back on track, he can deal with our disgusting society and foreign affairs.

Morally, our society is in the toilet and the REASON for that is what our media is churning out. Well, it isn't our media any longer. It is owned/operated by perverted people. Before these 'people' took over, gentiles were running our media and people like Disney and Pixar were producing good, wholesome shows without political or sexual content. Everyone notices 'the result.' They don't think about the cause. They think it magically happened.

There are many people out there putting out emails and blogs and web radio shows about what 'these people' have done to us but I say, its time to stop whining and start attacking their behavior. Instead of boo-hooing about the next things 'these people' are doing to us, start talking about what is working. Are there any major setbacks for 'these people?' Yes.

When 'someone' attacked those Jews that were putting out perverted Muslim cartoons, that was a step. When a Jew murdered those children in Finland, that should have gotten more coverage. But when the enemy owns the media, the story dies.

Muslims are not the problems. Israel is. Israel is a step-child that has made our politicians and Catholic leaders believe we should be helping Israel. Jews are the very people that had Christ murdered. To 'honor' them is morally wrong and just plain ignorant. There were no Jews in Christ's time...only Zealots in Herod's Temple and they got plenty angry when the Romans kicked them out. Their mistake was to send these Zealots throughout Europe where their anger morphed into a cult called 'Jews.'

Trump can fix this. He is out last chance. There is no 'perfect' candidate. He is willing to try, without politics, to help our Republic, and I find that amazing.

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