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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

“Blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them”

In 2010, Professor Robert Weissberg told me that, “Blacks don't appreciate what the Jews have done for them” and he was very upset about it. In his paper, 'Jews and Blacks. Everything the goyim wanted to know but are afraid to ask,' he states that the Jews, who did Civil Rights and desegregation for the blacks, want to be rid of the blacks but have to keep helping them.

He has written several books on the subject of how stupid blacks are. He wrote Bad Students, not Bad Schools in 2010 and Pernicious Tolerance: How Teaching to Accept Differences Undermines Civil Society in 2011. He also has a web site, American Renaissance, that is constantly downgrading blacks and even the educated people that follow AR and go to their conferences, love the Jews but hate the blacks.

To me, this is very misguided. Yes, Jews did do Civil Rights and over 50% of the attorneys representing desegregation were Jewish. Jews used the American Blacks to further their own agenda so they would not be kicked out of yet another country. But the violent black issue that has plagued our nation since Civil Rights is only a symptom. Why attack the symptom and not the cause?

If Americans realized what the Jews actually did for the blacks, they would be frothing angry because the Jewish quest of exploitation of the blacks for their own selfish purpose has also resulted in the corruption of the rest of our society. We see what the direct results of the Jewish takeover of our media and government are every day. People are strongly influenced by what they see and read.

Jews methodically bought up the print media, movies (including Pixar), television stations, the clothing industry, radio, video games...everything that influences people. They introduced violence and perversion in every cranny of the American mind.

Schools buy books for young children from the Southern Poverty Law Center. All aspects of our society have been trained to be 'sensitive' to minorities including illegal aliens. We have been told we can't say “nigger” or blame any of this madness on the Jews. Even 'Quit Now' is run by Jews. A Jew and an Italian changed the rating system for movies.

Compare 'A Toy Story' or 'A Bug's Life' to the movies that followed after Disney, Jewish owned, took Pixar over. They produce movies like 'The B Movie' and 'The King's New Groove,' movies that have dark colors, sexual content and out of proportion hills and cliffs, which certainly distorts the young mind.

Although FOX, Jewish owned, attacks Obama, and rightly so, they still will use the word 'McCarthyism' to describe racism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Joseph McCarthy rid our federal government of 40 “Jewish-Soviet spies.” Do you know who started communism? Two Jews. Communism is a Jewish concept and our government is doing everything it can to placate the Jews. Our government sends over $20 billion to Israel every year, to say nothing about the trillion-dollar wars they are fighting for them. Our young men are returning home with burned bodies, missing arms and legs, distorted DNA if they even return at all. And it was Truman, Britain and the U.N. in 1948 that GAVE Palestinian land to the Jews. Before that, the only complaint to the Brits in 1929 was that the Jews are gaining too much control. Of course, the Brits punished the Arabs for complaining. Do you wonder why there is so much trouble in the Middle East today?

But back to the media. What the Jews are doing is brainwashing our children, our people. Their movies and video games are training films for our children. Games that encourage school massacres, car theft, violent altercations against white people, mean girls, and guns. It is a virtual breeding ground for perversion.

Busing alone contributed to the violence in our public schools. You can't tear a child from the security of his family and neighborhood and not expect them to fight. They are afraid. But Jews knew that. They also knew that championing the 'rights' of women, aka feminism, would also destroy the family. They knew that championing the 'rights' of homosexuals would also destroy the family and now they are championing the 'right' to use the sacrament of matrimony to let them legitimize their sexual perversion. They championed the 'rights' of young girls to have children without fathers. They introduced drugs for children that now were suffering from anxiety and physical ailments. They control the drug industry and are drugging our bright, energetic children so that they can 'concentrate' and 'be popular.'

See, not much perversion existed before the Jews took over our minds in the 60s. People were 'trained' to be tolerant, moral and understanding toward others. There weren't many fights in schools and bullying was solved by a swift blow to the nose. The movies and television shows were wholesome and they reflected our society. Today, these outlets CHANGE our society into a boiling mess of hatred and violence.

What is the solution? Attack the Cause. Identify those Jews that own our media, that are advising the president. Jews unite in their Synagogues, through social networking, through just being a Jew. America, the melting pot of many nations, has no defense against that and won't unite, especially since they have been TOLD they are not one culture any longer. They are diverse.

So our only defense is exposing the facts. Our nation was prosperous and moral before Civil Rights. Who took over? Is that 'just a coincidence' or will you believe the facts? Get Jews out of the media and our government. It is not a 'racial slur' to identify the problem. We are basically still a good people. We do not want physical harm to anyone, at least I don't. And that the Cause is Jewish should be an indicator to you why you are not allowed to say that! They are protected. The Cause of our destruction is protected from identification because they are Jewish. They are not 'American.' They are Jewish first.

So, Robert Weissberg is wrong to slur the American Blacks, the very people Jews used to further their cause This is the first time in history that these Jews, these Zealots, have had the upper hand and it is because 'somehow' they have insulated themselves against finger pointing through their own laws and brainwashing of our people through the media. And exactly what do the American blacks have to be thankful to the Jews for?

By 1990, the black population in America reached about 30 million and represented 12% of the population, roughly the same proportion as in 1900 when they were 10% of the population. In 1664, the Jewish population in America was 54. By 1900, it was a million. During WWII, it increased to five Million. Today it is almost seven million. Jews are said to be 2.1% of the population, yet they control almost 90% of our media and an uneven percentage in our government. Although they have not increased much in population since WWII, they are now in positions of power, positions of influence, in the United States. It states on the Jewish Virtual Library site:

America, in 1945, held the largest population of Jews in the world. American Jews were the leaders of world Jewry. America became the leader and arguably the greatest country in the world. America became the greatest supporter of modern Jewish survival. America became the greatest threat to the continued existence of American Jewry.”

Robert Weissberg is the racist the Jews told us we were. Israel is an illegal nation that is the most segregated nation in the world. Their single-mindedness is very strong. It is not 'racist' to identify the culprit as coming from one race. It is a fact and until people realize that, we will not get our Republic, or our morals, back.

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